About Us

“Bringing about a new class of first generation college graduates !”


To bring about a new class of first generation college graduates, achieved through responsible and proven personal mentorship by college students of at-risk high school students. The peer relationship created is not only intended to provide application aid and financial support to the student ($250), but build lasting trust and serve as a lifelong source of personal mentorship.


To establish self-sustaining chapters at Universities throughout the United States working with local area high schools. Students graduating from the program (either at the high school or college level) are encouraged to network with one another to further the reach and principles of the organization.


College AppAssist was founded by Boston University students in June 2012 and solidified its first partnership with Brighton High School in spring 2013. The organization today comprises more than 35 active mentors within the Boston University chapter whom have continued the relationship with Brighton High School while also recently adding the Josiah Quincy Upper School in spring 2017.

CAA strives for growth through the creation of additional university chapters who act as independent arms of the larger organization, holistically creating local-area partnerships.Any college students interested in starting a potential chapter at their respective university should access the Contact Us form.