Mentee Bios

At College AppAssist, we work with high school students who are currently juniors or seniors. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and pursue many different paths after high school. To learn more about some of our mentees, please read their biographies below!

Class of 2014

Javier Plaza
“My name is Javier, I graduated from Brighton high school, with that accomplishment, I continued my education at Roxbury community college. The road to success is never easy, I lost and gained so much. One important thing I gained on my journey was a mentor, Joe helped me around the edges and guided me to my true potential. With the new year, I embraced my talent in singing and decided to pursue a degree in criminal law. My aspiration in life is to finish school, graduate from Umass Lowell and become the successful lawyer I desperately want to be.”

Class of 2015

Lucidey Pimentel
“My name is Lucidey Pimentel and I graduated with Brighton High’s Class of 2015. Education to me has always been a priority which is why I am very excited to be continuing my studies at Northeastern University majoring in Business Administrations with the intentions of picking up a minor. The college process is extremely difficult and stressful, but having my CAA mentor with me, Krystal, I was very successful. In addition to this, one year later after I graduated high school, I still have her to continue helping me while in college. She’s always available to answer any questions or simply when I need someone to talk to. Throughout my experiences, I have come to the conclusion that in life it is crucial to have someone to serve as a guide and to not limit one’s capability. I think that this mindset is what is helping me the most currently in college because I take advantage of everything that is offered to me.”

Class of 2016

Davidson Andrade
Davidson is a Class of 2016 Brighton High School graduate. He will attend UMass Boston and is interested in an engineering major. He likes to play soccer and volleyball, which he hopes to pursue in college. At Brighton, he was a dedicated member of the Robotics team, and he was known as the smartest kid in his math class.

Adriana Dalice
“I am Adriana Dalice. A couple of things that interest me most are painting, contributing to art studios, and also assisting and attending community service events. I enjoy being involved in these programs because they aid in my social skills and my awareness of community struggles that are often influenced in my paintings. My long term goals are to become an Art Therapist and continue my life helping people solve their problems with what I love, and what I believe will work great for others.”

Pedro Leta-Flores
Pedro is a senior at Brighton High School. He plans on majoring in civil engineering in college. Outside of school, he enjoys playing squash competitively and exploring Boston with his friends.

Frankie Leon
Frankie is a senior at Brighton High School, where he particularly enjoys French class. Outside of school, he enjoys rowing and playing lacrosse. Frankie will be attending Union College as Posse Scholar next fall, where he plans to study biology and bioengineering.

“When I thought about college in the early days of high school it was nothing more than a very long and distant dream, too far for me to reach. Within the 4 years of attending Brighton high school, there are many people I can give credit for my success and for the many opportunities and decisions they helped me make every day. Growing up as an only child of two immigrant parents living in the US is difficult, though people may not think so. We are always just classified as a minority and highly likely never to finish or go to college. Today I believe myself to be a living proof and symbol to many of the people in my community that it is possible for anyone, even for the young coming out of the projects, to succeed no matter the circumstances. My best advice for students is to take every opportunity given to you and to never lose sight of what really matters in life because the only thing that can ever get in your way is yourself.”

Jorge Martins
Jorge Martins is a Senior at Brighton High School. He is originally from Cape Verde, but now lives in Boston, along with his twin brother Nuno. Jorge’s favorite subject is math, and he wants to study engineering in college. At Brighton, Jorge is a member of the Varsity Volleyball team, on which he was named Best Student Athlete last May. In his free time, Jorge likes to listen and DJ music, watch movies, and hang out with friends.

Nuno Martins
Nuno is a soon to be graduate from Brighton High School. He is passionate about engineering and business. He came from Cape Verde with his twin brother Jorge. Nuno plays volleyball and soccer, and likes to play guitar and DJ. He especially likes to try new and different foods from different cultures.

Michael Ross
Michael is a senior at Brighton High School from Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys writing and recording music in his spare time. In college, Michael hopes to study Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Music Studies.

“I want to improve my skills in entrepreneurship and music to build a record company from the ground up. A fun fact about me is that I feel that I have the power to do anything I plan to do.”