Our Impact


CAA has maintained a perfect high school graduation rate and 98% college matriculation rate for 40+ program mentees since inception

Our Impact


20% of CAA’s graduating class of 2017 received full-ride scholarships to MA-based universities with >$550,000 of scholarships awarded to CAA students overall

College AppAssist

College AppAssist (“CAA”), is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on peer-to-peer mentorship of at-risk high school youth with motivated and successful local area college students.

College AppAssist serves as a social, emotional and educational resource to high school students. The organization’s volunteer mentors work alongside their high school students to identify, prepare and apply to post-secondary educational institutions with the intention of helping find pathways to bright futures.

College AppAssist’s unique “Peer-to-Peer” mentoring platform is currently led by a chapter of volunteer Boston University students delivering trusted financial, academic and social support to high school youth within the Boston Public Schools System. The organization commits up to $250 per enrolled student for application fees, testing fees, housing deposits, administrative college fees and other applicable expenses incurred in connection with achieving their dream of attending college.

Our Mentees

Hafsa and Eunice

From the very first exchange of emails, these two ladies had much in common from girly tv shows such as The Hills and Gossip Girl, to similar interests in school subjects such as history…

Ralph K with Samuel and Alexandria

Ralph and Sam were initially paired as the two shared interests of playing soccer and watching the English Premier League…

Javier and Joe

Javier and Joe represent College AppAssist’s first mentee-mentor pair stretching back to the spring of 2013…

Sadiya and Saania

From college essay brainstorming in the Brighton library and visits to the Copley library to talk SATs, to ice cream breaks at Coldstone and

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